Day 3 TED

Rough day yesterday but made it through made sweet potato hashbrowns and turkey sausage it was really great. Day three was ok I broke a bit and had coffee its hard to go without so yeah i am tracking my food with a book I got from Chapters and baby got her first set of shot and no serious reaction did cry after getting them but fell asleep after 10 minutes.

Sadly I  have been playing tons of pokemon and not going any serious cleaniing when I envisioned being a stay at home mom I thought I would clean all the time but I seem to be mostly just playing with baby and watching TV. I do the basic laundry and dishes everyday and the normal stuff like toilets and tub when needed  but I sure haven’t went to crazy. 

Also really excited about the release of atheist Tv hope I can see there stuff even though I’m in canada. Wish there were more organisations in canada.


First day trying out the TED diet

For the next 21 days I will be eating only turkey, fish, chicken, squash, sweet potato, rice, olive oil. Some spices allowed I’m doing this for my baby as I wish to breast feed her as long as possible. But the problem is she is very gassy and spits up frequently so I have decided to try and see what happens. My husband is allergic to alot of foods and I’m allergic to milk so we will see what happens.

Now for some first time housekeeping I just had a baby 2 months 2 weeks ago and she is a very happy baby but has some stomach issues and possible acid reflux. I worked full time supervising a home for people with disabilitys  but am on mat leave for a while. I am strugging to get use to staying at home because I’m not nearly as busy as I’m use to be but I am slowly finding new things to keep me busy.

This is my first time blogging and slowly I hope I get good but for now lets see how it goes. I really don’t expect people to read ths but who knows.

Todays exercises I did 55 squats 5 push ups 10 sit ups 22 lunges