Day 3 TED

Rough day yesterday but made it through made sweet potato hashbrowns and turkey sausage it was really great. Day three was ok I broke a bit and had coffee its hard to go without so yeah i am tracking my food with a book I got from Chapters and baby got her first set of shot and no serious reaction did cry after getting them but fell asleep after 10 minutes.

Sadly I  have been playing tons of pokemon and not going any serious cleaniing when I envisioned being a stay at home mom I thought I would clean all the time but I seem to be mostly just playing with baby and watching TV. I do the basic laundry and dishes everyday and the normal stuff like toilets and tub when needed  but I sure haven’t went to crazy. 

Also really excited about the release of atheist Tv hope I can see there stuff even though I’m in canada. Wish there were more organisations in canada.


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